Quick notes: Oct 16-19

Is this thing still on?

Let me try to restart weekly notes about what I've been up to. In the beginning, a lot of context will be missing...

Last week, I organized the CPython core developer sprint in Brno. That should get its own blog post...

On Monday, I stayed offline after the busy week.

Tuesday, I started on reading all the emails from last week. With various interruptions, that took me two days.

Tuesday's freezeyt stream went nicely; with an overview of contextlib.ExitStack, and more time spent adding static typing information. I still don't know if I want to add the types.

For work, I got to port a security fix to Python 2.6. Yup, 2.6 is still supported!

Thursday, I paid the administrative fee required to legally do contract work. Hopefully, the paperwork will be done soon.