My name is Petr Viktorin, and this is my home on the Internet.

I code

I write code, mainly in Python.

Practically everything I write is open-source, and currently hosted on Github.

I talk

I also share my knowledge in various presentations. Most of my talks happen at meetups of the Python users group in Brno, which I help organize. I also design and teach community programming courses.

Some of my talks can be found on YouTube and I tend to put put slides/materials on GitHub. Unfortunately, a lot of my talks have been slide-less lately, and good recordings aren't that easy to make. You shold come in person!

I write

Sometimes, I put some words on my blog. Feel free to look around. If you wish to understand everything on there, you should learn Czech.

Should you require more frequent updates, you can follow me on Mastodon.

I work

Currently, I work at Red Hat, leading the Python Maintenance team. We integrate Python with Fedora and RHEL.

Previously I worked on FreeIPA, which involved fighting mutant dogs from the underworld, a hipster NoSQL database (which was cool way before NoSQL was cool), and a certificate system.

These pages contain my opinions, not necessarily my employers'.