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Raspberry Pi and my Third Screen

Today, I finally figured out what was wrong with my Raspberry Pi. It worked before, connected to a TV, without ethernet, and with a power supply and keyboard borrowed from my brother. When I got my own accessories for it, though, I found the USB ports and network were dead.

Well, today I finally got around to some debugging, and found that the faulty part was the USB cable between the box and the power supply (i.e. a phone charger). Don't ask me how much I spent diagnosing that. Luckily, I can easily get micro-USB cable, even on a Saturday. (Okay, not nearly easily enough, but I did get one.)

Hooray! A working computer! Let's try new things with it! I've used apt in Ubuntu for quite some time, so I thought Raspbian would be too boring, and decided to go for Arch. So far it's been working nicely.

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